Singapore Sling

Standing on the Double Helix Bridge near Marina Bay Sands, I wonder, what Singapore means to me?

Before I could form an opinion, i hear the rumbling sound of cars passing by, humidity makes me sweat and I tell myself “Wow, an Idea for a travel blog!”

Singapore Sling!!!

I have been to this melting pot quite a few times and always had an opinion that it was a concrete jungle, everything I see here is inspired from some place or the other. In my next few visits, my opinion did change.


Singapore has more restaurants than you can count

Take a stroll in their grocery supermarket and you will realize that unlike any other place that you would have visited elsewhere, Singapore grocery supermarkets have very limited vegetables section, and you will find it vacant most of the time. Apparently, most of the Singaporeans don’t necessarily cook every day. Singaporeans find eating outside both time saving as well as an inexpensive option. To be honest, Makans or local cafeterias are quite hygienic and the quality of the food is quite good.

Singapore is a clean city, well…..!

Singapore is really clean and green, period. Singaporeans are educated to keep their city clean at schools, and they do follow it. Fines play a major role as well. If found guilty of throwing a cigarette bud or a soda anywhere other than a bin, you may cough up $1000 – $2000, and repeat offenders are made to clean a public place along with the fine.


However, this is not the same in every place. Major parts of the city and MRTs etc., are clean. Move into the suburbs, you will see them a little dirty compared to the rest of the city, people do throw things around.

Smokers get annoyed the most as they have to smoke in their designated areas and throw the bud in the designated bins…. Annoying??

Chewing gums banned since 1990’s due to the overhead it causes for cleaning the city. It’s annoying, but you get used to it – “Hey!! it works for them doesn’t it…”

Green City tag is synonymous to Singapore, not just because of the greenery around the city, but also due to Water re-usage, Hybrid vehicle promotions, Waste Management, reduction in carbon foot print, you name it and they have it.

Beautiful Bridge

Singapore has its share of Fitness Freaks!

Sure they are slim in general;

Blame their genes and food habits for making others look big!

You will be pleasantly surprised that most of people love running and there are fitness centres everywhere. There are fitness stores everywhere you purchase running shoe and other fitness equipment. Running Workshops are a common thing in Singapore. There are several football clubs as well. Well where am I getting at…… oh yes, they are fitness freaks, period!


You show them money; they will show you how to spend it!

Compulsive shopping is not a problem in Singapore, since you feel at home if you are an Oniomaniac, lovely isn’t it.

You can find people in Singapore mostly in the Malls throughout your stay, there is no exception. Money is spent on the border lines of insanity and craziness.

Well, is that all they spend on – Apparently Not!

Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Escorts, Tattoos, Phew!

Some more shopping! Well you had to see that one coming 😉


Made in Singapore!

I am serious; there are a lot of things that are made in Singapore, contrary to common notion that Singapore imports everything.

Home health care product companies like OSIM are very famous around the world. Singaporeans are big in fashion scene and there are several designer brands like Raoul, Josiah Chua, and the list goes on. Singapore is big on Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals production as well.

China Town

They dress to impress!

Most of the people you find in Singapore are well dressed. It does look like most of them shop in the UK every other weekend, since they pretty much sport the same dressing sense as the British. Others follow the Japanese and Korean way of dressing.

There are always exceptions, you find some people who are too confused and wear a bit of both worlds. Of course, they don’t go unnoticed for obvious reasons.

Oh well the tourists just wear what the tourists do… Ganjis, shorts and a pair of flip flops 😉


So what do I think about Singapore now???

It’s a lovely place to visit or work. Though one can’t live here for extended periods. Sure, it does seem artificial and inspired from other places, but that’s seems to be a deliberate attempt to make people feel at home. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone. Enjoy your stay when you are here, and do share your experience lah!!

War Memorial Park


6 thoughts on “Singapore Sling

  1. Wow Chetan annayya!!!! Throughly Impressed with your style of writing and your observation and analysis of Singaporians… Hmmm… Now I have to visit this little heaven on earth, but waiting for you to sponsor 😉
    But on a serious note, i really luv your blog..
    May be you should write about all the countries you have visited, will be informative to new travellers and globe trotters like you 😊

  2. WOW……AMAZING Photography Bro……
    I agree with you that people here do only 2 things…..eating n shopping..{like me}
    keep up the good work Bro…..
    as Priyanka said you should write about other countries too…:-)

  3. Chetan, amazing bro. Reading this blog has left me with a nostalgic effect 🙂 I might plan for a visit soon. Great going .

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